Valley Custom Shields is based in northeastern Pennsylvania and services the greater Scranton and Wilkes-Barre areas. We specialize in standard and custom made Life Shields and Wall Partitions. Help protect your business and point of sale employees with Life Shield custom Plexiglas shields. Protection from not only Coronavirus but also Flu for years to come. Start protecting your greatest asset: People. When employed in strategic locations Life Shields will decrease, not eliminate, exposure to aerosol contaminants that cause disease.

Featured Life Shield Products

Standard Life Shields are professional, high-end, and low profile Plexiglas partitions designed to prevent the spread of infection. The Life Shield provides primary protection from aerosolized droplets passing from one individual to another by acting as a physical barrier, thereby limiting the possibility of direct contamination through respiratory mechanisms. Professional grade Life Shields are perfect for any point of sale transaction protection. Our innovative Life Shield Wall Partitions can be installed temporarily or permanently to any flat area. Call (570) 906-9975 today to schedule a in person or virtual consultation. 

Providing Protection for your Most Valuable Asset: People
High quality protection from viral and bacterial contaminants spread via respiratory mechanisms, such as sneeze and cough.